with extract from leaves of Cinchona spp.

The Power of the Nature

30 capsules


Corviral is a unique product with a specially developed formula for an increased immune defence, which includes beneficial ingredients that modulate the immune system and target viral particles.

  1. Herbal extracts in Corviral
    Prevent the penetration of viruses into cells, affect flu-like symptoms and balance inflammatory reactions in the body
  2. The vitamins in Corviral
    Optimize the use of oxygen in the body
  3. The minerals zinc and selenium in Corviral
    They support the immune system in the fight against viruses and pathogens
  4. Hawthorn and pectin in Corviral
    Support the activity of the cardiovascular system
  5. The pectin in Corviral
    Improves the absorption of the active ingredients contained in the product


  • CORVIRAL® is recommended to be used when the first flu-like symptoms are present. It is recommended that you consult your medical practitioner before use.
  • CORVIRAL® is unique in its composition and could be applied in all cases that have an infectious and pro-inflammatory profile.
  • CORVIRAL® is taken 1-2 capsules, 3 times per day.

If necessary, the dose could be increased after discussing with your medical supervisor based on your personal disease progression.


  • CORVIRAL® is a trademark of INKMED Ltd. © 2020
  • Keep in a dry and ventilated place out of reach of children.
  • Packed in the EU in a factory certified with cGMP and HACCP.
  • Patent 3766
  • Nutritional supplement does not replace a varied diet.


per 3 / 6/ 9 gelatin (beef) capsules