About us

INKMED Limited was formed in 2018 with the vision to provide therapeutic solutions outside of the mainstream.   Our therapeutics are side-effect free and natural, incorporating a holistic approach to patients and their conditions.  A direct result from the practical application of our holistic approach is an improved quality of life through restoration of physiological balance at the most fundamental level.  This happens at the level of energy exchange and this is where our product provides “renewable green energy” for biological activities. 

Our research team consists of Prof. Dr. Ivo Petrov and Dr. Kamen Stoychev. 

Both Doctors bring their insight from many years of practice and research. Their cooperation led to the discovery of Amendcor®, a natural and innovative long term therapeutic.  It is the first of a series of products aiming at addressing some of the most common conditions, also known as modern age diseases, such as ischemic and non-ischemic cardiomiopathies; degenerative conditions of the brain, etc.  A different kind of product, targeted mostly to the prophylactics and treatment of viral respiratory infections is Соrviral®.